Love the Borzoi has led us to you. November 1989, I was looking for a young female red but not in Belgium that is like that.

You have had our coodinates  in beauty expo in Macon, and the noble dog "EJUNA OF THE CROCS MOLIERE" put us on your way.

Chance of life that I end up with 2 females and CASSANDRA  and EJUNA.

All HAPPINESS, inseparable even in nonsense.

With the unfolding of life, no news from you for a few years, one year without a Borzoi and a beauty expo madness takes me again.

May 2003, Mr Descamps is it still breeding? Of course.

Our car takes us back until AUVERGNE, such as this to enjoy the journey, it we will renew many times, without him we were showing the path.

URKOFF OF THE CROCS MOLIERE, my first male, "the terror of greyhound racing," but we did not know it yet, a dog that I should not run.

Then it will be the turn of UDATCHA and Valeska, my very endearing dog. Them and they will all without exception.

SERGEI, son of ROMANOFF, its copy, the first price of hugs, Baik and ANINA, our survivor, CALOVA, BARYCHNIA.

All have given us and gives us happiness, whether by their results in races that expos beauty. Much by their presence their daily hugs.

Since 2003, they are still all at home, sadly passed away BAIKA (accident), and pappy SERGEI, just as crazy when it comes to a gallop in the meadow.

The fun also call you to bring you the results of your dogs in the race. I know a few breeders that have accumulated as many super race results than beauty, except'S TURGAI 'S in Germany, an allusion to the family FRANZ, (also with your origins).

Let us not forget ROMANOFF CRCOS OF THE MOLIERE, who left Russia six months, to take over and super Vestnik who won everything in style.

Without realizing it, you were great in the breeding of this wonderful dog. Some still do not understand.

Everyone does not always appreciate you, it is true, not always easy to live, but you're the only one we have received like royalty. Your dogs were kings, but we also Auvergne and friends. Only you know the world together.

Memorable evenings and especially atmosphere and stories that we have never found elsewhere. You're bringing people together in a expos around drink, you drink and eats almost all of France ... Where were you when all of your cremation?

My opinion is only my opinion and I accept. You all and I did not come to heel. You have done a lot of faces but I was able to assess your value, Friday, May 13, 2011 in Vichy. (I can understand that it is not always easy to be absent from work but sometimes ...).

Tony and I salute you very low, we will continue to talk to you about us in the same way. We will maintain your name farming as we are proud and do not regret anything. Will be there in our youth, an elite racing greyhounds before starting each of them will make you blink of an eye, because it is up there with your work.

Thank you for what you have done for the race, I did not think that your death would leave such a void in our lives and that you are occupying so much space.

The Auvergne will not have the same color for us but I know that we will continue to return, and in fact to remember you.

Thank you.

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